Start Within Self-Care e-Journal


Self-care is not self-indulgent! It's an act of self-preservation. – Audre Lorde

Want to see what it's like to commit to 7 days of self-care and ME-time?

We all wear our "busy badges" so proudly that we sometimes forget that it's important to take breaks, eat lunch, or even go to the bathroom when we need to! Everyone experiences anxiety and stress. That's why it's crucial to proactively create opportunities for quality alone time, including mental and physical rest, so you can refocus -- and be more productive in the long run.

The thing is, we get so used to doing things in the same ways. We're actually more afraid to make changes than we are to live out our worn-out routines – even if those routines cause us to feel anxious, stressed out, or overwhelmed. 

Use the Start Within Self-Care Journal as a resource for inspiration and ideas as you seek out new ways to care for yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Find your getaway from the chaos at home, at work, or even in your head (yes, we all have self-talk!).

You are worth it! As they say on the airplane: “Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.” One way to do that is to develop a self-care practice.

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This e-journal includes checklists, suggested self-care actions, and worksheets to help you track your progress on your self-care journey.

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Start Within Self-Care e-Journal

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